I feel like I’m the only person in my friend group without a boyfriend/girlfriend.

I thought we were engaged :/ 

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"I am so manly. Sometimes, it astounds me."

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well hello everyone, his name is tyler oakley.

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Anonymous: I noticed you post a lot on your main blog a lot all day, but like none on here :/

Hi, the thing is, since that is my main blog, I can easily quick queue (with SHIFT+E) and so it’s easy to send posts there without actually opening the reblog page. I have that set to post 40 times a day (since i always have 250+ in it) through the hours of 10am-12pm. I don’t ever have to worry about posting  on that blog because it’s all queued. But for this blog, I have to open the reblog page and change the username to post to. When I created this blog I wasn’t thinking and just made it a side blog- stupid me- so when I am really online, I post on here. Sorry if I don’t post a lot :(

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Welcome to Camp Takota Tumblr

This genuinely made me laugh (particularly the last two)

Oh my god

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This touches me on a personal level.

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make me choose: phil lester / jack howard

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